Vegan Hot Cross Bun Smoothie

Kick off your Easter Celebrations with making a batch of this delicious Vegan Hot Cross Smoothie for your family and friends to thrive in the wholesome ingredients. … More Vegan Hot Cross Bun Smoothie


Raise your PINK Smoothie Bowl to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today is Pink Ribbon Day part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So get in the spirit, follow my recipe for a Pink Smoothie Bowl (even make it fancy with a pink umbrella if you wish) and donate to this great cause as you never know who in your life now or in the future that Breast Cancer will affect. … More Raise your PINK Smoothie Bowl to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Dragon Fruit (or Pitaya) brings back so many nostalgic childhood memories for me. My mum use to buy all the exotic fruits from the Asian Grocers for my sisters and me that you would not find as readily in Woolworth and Coles such as dragon fruit, durian, rambutan, and star fruit to name a few.

An added bonus is that this fruit not only has a high water content (keeps our thirst quenched) but is also low in calories and fat! So load up on this superfruit to eat it raw, make melon balls out of it and of course try out my Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie recipe below mixed with a range of other nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to keep you going and glowing all day long! … More Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie