Raw Carrot Cake Bliss Ball

When I was a child my mother (and many other mothers out there to be honest) used to tell me food myths to get me to eat my fruit and vegetables. These came in all sorts such as “eating the crust of the bread will give you curly hair” (noted that this one never worked as I have the STRAIGHT asian hair), and of course “eating carrots will help you see in the dark and improve your eye sight”.
I myself lucked out in the gene pool and have deteriorated eye vision and this is why I have created my own recipe of Raw Carrot Cake Bliss Balls that incredibly taste like carrot cake (my friends can vouch for this) but only contains wholesome, clean ingredients. … More Raw Carrot Cake Bliss Ball


Fig and Inca Berry Bliss Balls

Today, I had a desire for a sweeter breakfast option, and instead of reaching for either a sugary, fat-laden croissant, friand, or granola mix, I have decided to create my Fig and Inca Berry Bliss Balls. These are fabulously enticing with their gorgeous colouring and not to mention their naturally sweet taste that will continuously tantalise your taste buds with every bite. … More Fig and Inca Berry Bliss Balls

Adzuki Bean, Coconut, Maca, and Sesame Seed Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are all the rage these days either for an on-the-go breakfast, for pre or post workout, a small snack to keep you going, or even as a dessert.
When I step into my kitchen and put on my apron, I go in with a positive intention, clarity in my mind and a sense of calmness as I find that it is essential to evaluate your state of mind and emotional process prior to assembling any item/meal. Cooking is an expression of love and devotion to creating a masterpiece that will nourish your body and those that you are preparing this for.
Now as you gather the ingredients to make my Adzuki Bean, Coconut, Maca and Sesame Seed Bliss Balls ask yourself:

Why am I doing this task? How do I feel at this moment in my body, my mind, and my emotions? Am I enjoying this? … More Adzuki Bean, Coconut, Maca, and Sesame Seed Bliss Balls