Adzuki Bean (Red Bean) Paste

Adzuki beans are a wonderfully nourishing food source, except when they are combined with a lot of other unhealthy ingredients such as sugar. The base of many red bean recipes is adzuki beans pastes include sugar as one of the key ingredients. In my Red Bean Paste recipe below I only utilise the natural sweetness of the red bean itself, enhanced by the natural sugar in dates. This recipe is so easy to make and only requires 2 ingredients. Yes, the adzuki beans do take a while to cook, but why not utilise this time efficiently and do your yoga practice, meditate, read…or even research new places to travel and explore, putting your taste buds to the ultimate test out on the road. … More Adzuki Bean (Red Bean) Paste


Three Layered Vegan Nut Free Ice Cream Cake

My masterpiece, Three Layered Vegan Nut Free Ice Cream Cake made with an abundance of love…and my personal hidden agenda of fattening up my sister that little bit extra so that I get a chubby cheeked niece.
The ingredients that I used in this Three Layered Vegan Nut Free Layered Cake was thoughtfully planned out so that each mouthful brings a heavenly fluffy, creamy, sweet, flavorful, and smooth sensation to the taste buds…all achieved without the use of dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and nuts. Yes I made this possible! … More Three Layered Vegan Nut Free Ice Cream Cake