Powerhouse Quinoa and Buckwheat Porridge

Are you looking for a new recipe to keep you warm and sustained during these chilly winter mornings? I have created this Powerhouse Quinoa and Buckwheat Porridge which is a delectable and filling breakfast that will help you start the day and warm you up from the inside, giving you that extra perkiness and bounce in your step.
It is the perfect balance of all of your macronutrients; carbohydrates, proteins and fats using apples and bananas to give it that extra creaminess and natural sweetness. … More Powerhouse Quinoa and Buckwheat Porridge


Vegan Hot Cross Bun and Easter Bunny Bliss Balls

Happy Easter Everyone!
This year if you are looking for a new healthy vegan recipe recipe for your children’s Easter Egg hunt or even to bring over to your next Easter Lunch gathering try out these new Vegan Hot Cross Bun and Easter Bunny Bliss Balls.
I developed this recipe to draw upon two of the well-known symbols of this traditional holiday to bring a little joy to your holiday and to your bellies. … More Vegan Hot Cross Bun and Easter Bunny Bliss Balls

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice Vegan Granola

I guarantee you will FALL IN LOVE with this ‘Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice Vegan Granola’ because it not only smells heavenly once it comes fresh out of the oven, but is Sweet, Crunchy, Nicely Spiced, Perfectly Crisp, Nutty, Wholesome, Simple, Nutritious, Filling, and Delectable.
The brilliant thing about this recipe is that it is simple and easily adapted to suit your individual tastes, preferences and needs! … More Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice Vegan Granola

Go Meat Free this March!

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution of the vegetarian diet” – Einstein
Have you been contemplating back and forth about eating less meat or even going Meat Free this March, but are currently a bit anxious about taking the plunge because you think this is too extreme and don’t want to be classified as one of those ‘hippy vegetarian/vegans’?
Don’t discount this lifestyle just yet but just have a quick look into the various steps and tips to help you out with the Meat Free March Challenge and continuing with a plant based diet. These range from how to start off small and reward yourself, to how to plan ahead, how to dine out on a plant based diet, and finding your tribe. … More Go Meat Free this March!

How to sustain and be creative with a fitness regime while traveling (Part 2)

During your travels this is when being physically active will bring you more enjoyment and adventure. Not only in your everyday leisure activities, but will provide you with the opportunity to experience a your new location in a unique way. This just involves being more creative with your surroundings at times, whereby you are able to maintain the more ‘traditional’ forms of exercise, as well as discovering other fun ways of being active ANYWHERE you travel.
Through these simple suggestions you will able to ‘Live in the moment’ and will make returning back home to your normal fitness routine that much easier. … More How to sustain and be creative with a fitness regime while traveling (Part 2)