Trim Traveling Tips: How to keep your Bali Beach Body

Bali has been my first destination to begin my travel plans and I have fallen in love with this place offering an assortment of different activities. You can easily choose from a varied assortment whilst taking advantage of the beautiful nature and warm weather prompting you to just get out there and keep on moving.
Ensuring that you maintain regular exercise in your daily routine can be a challenge in itself at times. During traveling it can seem nearly impossible if you don’t go in it with the right attitude thinking that the kink in your normal routine can’t be overcome easily when each day of your travels is so diverse and at times you don’t know what to expect. In this post I share with you the activites I enjoyed in Bali to keep fit whilst still indulging in the amazing food offered in Bali. … More Trim Traveling Tips: How to keep your Bali Beach Body


Nutella Bliss Balls Covered with Nutella Chocolate

Looking back to when I was a child, I really am quite surprised that I was not fat, as one of my fondest memories was the times I had a spoon in one hand and a big jar of nutella in the other hand, ready to dig into the chocolaty gooey goodness.
Fast forward 20 years and here I am, turned completely 180 degrees with a passion in empowering and educating those around me to take ownership for their own nourishment through physical exercise, mindfulness and nutrition.So put down that nutella jar (preferably in the bin), take a step away from it, and start preparing these scrumptious Nutella Bliss Balls covered with Nutella Chocolate. … More Nutella Bliss Balls Covered with Nutella Chocolate

Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Dragon Fruit (or Pitaya) brings back so many nostalgic childhood memories for me. My mum use to buy all the exotic fruits from the Asian Grocers for my sisters and me that you would not find as readily in Woolworth and Coles such as dragon fruit, durian, rambutan, and star fruit to name a few.

An added bonus is that this fruit not only has a high water content (keeps our thirst quenched) but is also low in calories and fat! So load up on this superfruit to eat it raw, make melon balls out of it and of course try out my Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie recipe below mixed with a range of other nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to keep you going and glowing all day long! … More Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Hitting the Trail

My love for trail running has not only strengthened my body, but transformed my mental discipline. I have overcome that pain threshold where my body screams at me but you know that physically you have it in your tank to run that extra KM. My constant self motivation to put on my sneakers and run on the cold when the warm bed is more tempting is because I aim to be the best version of myself.

Running develops such inner strength, passion and drive which is self-created and everyone should truly find joy in realizing that this is their choice and nothing in the world can make you feel more free and liberated. You become one with your body and more mindful in your everyday life. … More Hitting the Trail